Beckham’s Chinese Tattoo, Quotes for Life, Great Tattoo Meanings


David Beckham and Chinese Tattoo

David Beckham is one of the worlds most well known sport celebrities of our times. His every move is keenly captured by the press. He admits to being a ‘tattoo addict’. That goes without saying that he has numerous ink over his body. However, the one that seduces the More


Tattoo Calligraphy, Chinese Writing Meanings, Tattoo Font


Calligraphy Tattoos, Chinese Writing Meaning

One of the fastest growing trends is Calligraphy tattoos in Chinese symbols. Even celebrities have eagerly embraced Asian writing. For example, prior to the Beijing Olympics, Beckham has his torso etched in eight symbols in cursive calligraphy style. This is a Chinese More

Asian Symbols, Calligraphy, Upscale Tattoo Designs with Urban Flair


Asian Symbol Tattoos

Nowadays, Asian symbols have been introduced to our daily lives in several ways. This includes fashion, interior design, product marketing, and body decoration. In particular, Chinese symbols tattoos have endeared many enthusiasts in the west. More