Connie Ho Explores Artistic Montreal and Booming Calgary


Connie Ho

Before moving to Canada several years ago, I have lived in Hong Kong and England. As an immigrant, my bilingual and bicultural background gives me a unique understanding of life. Here in Canada, More


Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre, Great Visitor Attraction, Sightseeing

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Calgary Travelers, Tourists

With the global demand for fuel, oil-producing regions in Canada have experienced an economic boom. This is certainly true for the Province of Alberta. In particular, Calgary has seen phenomenal growth. With rising energy stocks, real estates, and commerce, More

Ginger Beef: Culture, History of Calgary Chinese Immigrants

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Have you tried Chinese food? Is there a dish that you really like, general tao chicken, sweet & sour pork? Being a Chinese I am familiar with Asian cuisine. My favorite is Ginger Beef. It is a signature delicacy in Canadian Chinese cuisine. More