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With the global demand for fuel, oil-producing regions in Canada have experienced an economic boom. This is certainly true for the Province of Alberta. In particular, Calgary has seen phenomenal growth. With rising energy stocks, real estates, and commerce, this city has become a Mecca for international investors. Today, more and more people travel to Calgary for business as well as for pleasure. Business travelers and tourists arrive in droves. They look for interesting places to visit.
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Calgary Attractions in Downtown

Many international travelers like to stay in downtown hotels. The city center provides convenience of travel, meeting, and is accessible by public transit. Now that you are in the downtown core, you probably would like to visit some of Calgary’s best attractions, right? The must-see sightseeing must include the Glenbow Museum, Calgary Tower, Fort Calgary, Calgary Stampede, Lougheed House, and Telus World of Science. However, what about a cultural place that is quite unique? Visit the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre. It is conveniently located in downtown, adjacent to Chinatown where you can savor delicious Chinese cuisine. Don’t forget to try Ginger Beef, the best Chinese food in Canada.

Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre, Sightseeing and Visitors

Since its opening in 1992, the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre has been a major tourist attraction. It is a place for people to explore a unique and fascinating culture. As a non-profit organization, the Center is home to a Chinese library, a cultural museum, a Chinese school, a multi-purpose hall, a gift store and much more. The Centre is open to the public year-round. Admission is free. Classes relating to Chinese culture are offered regularly. There are frequent exhibitions and events that introduce visitors and tourists to a culture that dates back some five thousand years. The Chinese Cultural Centre is ideal for Calgary sightseeing.

Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre

Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre

Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre, the Building

Construction of this Calgary building began in May 1991. It was completed in September 1992. An estimated quarter of a million people visit the Center annually. Art exhibitions, including paintings, sculptures and other works are displayed on the second and third floors. The exhibitions on the upper levels are always free of charge. The Cultural Centre has a library with over 40,000 volumes, including books, magazines, and other resources. There are twelve classrooms for language, painting, martial arts, and special interest classes. This amazing building is one of the top Calgary attractions and downtown landmarks.

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Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre, Wonderful Architecture, Things To Do

The Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre is a unique building. It imitates the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China. This is truly an architectural wonder. The Center consists of decorative paintings, legendary figures, motifs, and many many dragons and phoenixes (561 dragons and 16 phoenixes in total) Can you count them? The structure was crafted by expert artisans who had traveled from Beijing for this project. They are renowned for classical Chinese architectural workmanship. One day if you do travel to Calgary, whether for business, pleasure, or sightseeing, visit the Chinese Cultural Centre. If you are a local looking for weekend activities or Calgary things to do, the Center will not disappoint you. Thousands of years of history condensed and conveniently located in downtown Calgary. Explore ancient culture in a Prairie metropolis. This Calgary attraction will give you a very cultural experience.