Calligraphy Tattoos, Chinese Writing Meaning

One of the fastest growing trends is Calligraphy tattoos in Chinese symbols. Even celebrities have eagerly embraced Asian writing. For example, prior to the Beijing Olympics, Beckham has his torso etched in eight symbols in cursive calligraphy style. This is a Chinese proverb, which is written from top to bottom. The meaning is “life and death have determined appointments; riches and honors depend up heaven.” This calligraphy writing tattoo has attracted enormous media attention.

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Chinese Calligraphy Tattoo, Cursive Writing, Tattoo Quotes
Traditional Chinese Art by Ngan Siu Mui, Montreal Canada

Chinese Calligraphy and Kanji are beautiful writing. It is revered and practised by people in Asia. The beauty and ingenuity of Chinese symbols, or characters (words) make them ideal for tattoo. However, due to their complexity, many westerners do not know how and where to get their Calligraphy tattoos. They encounter difficulties due to language and cultural barriers. Chinese symbols are beautiful, mysterious, yet “hard to get”. This is a great dummy’s guide for everyone. It helps you understand and how to choose Chinese calligraphy tattoos.

Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts and Chinese Translation

People seek free calligraphy tattoo font over the internet for their designs. Also, they rely on online Chinese dictionary or translation tools for their tattoo meanings. Unfortunately, these methods rarely produce satisfactory results. Tattoo fonts are ill suited for aesthetic display. Calligraphy fonts are not meant for body decoration. Rather, they are used primarily for printing purposes. In addition, automatic Chinese translations are far from perfect. They tend to yield absurd or mismatched meanings. To avoid these mistakes, you should hire a Chinese expert to do your ink design. Just follow these simples steps.

  1. Chinese Calligraphy and Tattoo Ideas

    Do a Google keyword search for “Chinese calligraphy”. Focus on images, pictures, or photo galleries. You don’t need to understand Chinese. The most important are the visuals. Calligraphy images provide great tattoo ideas for neck, lower back, arm, foot and full body design.

  2. Tattoo Calligraphy, Asian Styles Writing, Tattoos with Quotes, Meaningful Phrases, Cursive Tattoo

    You should decide which calligraphy style to choose for your tattoo. It falls under five major styles (or script): seal script, clerical script, cursive script (grass style), running script, and regular script. Do a Google search for sources relating to these Kanji styles. If you wish, you can read the history, stories, and significance of Chinese calligraphy. These help you appreciate Calligraphy tattoos.


  3. Calligraphy Tattoo Meanings

    Calligraphy is not merely beautiful writing. It is text and thus conveys meanings just like any language. Now, you should consider the tattoo meaning of your Chinese writing. What do you want to convey? Patience, beauty, etc. The meaning that you choose determines what Chinese symbols to be used for your tattoo. It should reflect your individuality, inner beauty, or unique qualities.

  4. Calligraphy Tattoo Designs, Writing Expert

    To get a calligraphy tattoo design, you need to find someone good at Chinese writing, an expert in the field. That person should be a calligrapher. Why? Calligraphers are artists who have extensive training in aesthetic writing. Many of them have practiced handwriting styles for several years. By a different token, tattoo artists are skilled in body inking, not calligraphy. Hence, you should purchase your writing design from a calligrapher, not a tattoo artist. You ask the calligrapher to translate your chosen word or phrase to Chinese.

  5. Calligraphy Writing and Tattoo Parlor

    Take your calligraphy writing to a tattoo parlor. Decide the specifics of your inking, e.g., placement, size, color. Your skin is now emboldened with meaningful Chinese script for the rest of your life. The ink design is special because it is custom design by an artist – the calligrapher. The best calligraphy tattoo is one rendered by a calligrapher. Inking is long term body decoration. It is worth doing some research so that you get the proper design.

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